Iphone 3gs crashes on startup

Losing this data may be a mild inconvenience if the cookies provide functionality on some websites, but it's better than having Safari crash. To clear this data:. If Safari is still crashing, disabling autofill is another option you should explore. To disable autofill:. If none of the steps so far have fixed your crashing problem, the problem may not be with your iPhone itself.

It may be iCloud. One iCloud feature syncs your Safari bookmarks between all Apple devices signed into the same iCloud account. That's useful, but it can also be the source of some Safari crashes on iPhone. To turn off iCloud Safari Syncing:.

If Safari is still crashing, the problem could be the website you're visiting. Many sites use a programming language called JavaScript to provide all kinds of features and animations. JavaScript is great, but when it's written badly, it can crash browsers. Try turning off JavaScript by following these steps:. Isolating the problem isn't the end here. You really need JavaScript to use modern websites, so I recommend turning it back on and not visiting the site that crashed or disabling JavaScript before you visit it again. Another bug that could cause Safari to crash has to do with the feature that suggests websites to it.

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This bug has been fixed in more recent versions of the iOS, but on older versions, try this:. If everything nothing has worked and Safari is still crashing on your iPhone, your last option is to contact Apple to get technical support. Learn how to get tech support in this article. Share Pin Email. Sam Costello has been writing about tech since His writing has appeared in publications such as CNN. Updated February 18, To restart the iPhone: Press the hold button on the top of some iPhones, on the right side of others. On the iPhone X , you'll also need to hold down the volume up button.

When the Slide to Power Off slider appears, move it from left to right. Let the iPhone shut down. When the phone is off the screen will go completely dark , press the hold button again.

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When the Apple logo appears, release the button and let the iPhone finish starting up. There are two options for updating the iOS: Enter your email address below:. Try some softwares like Tiny Umbrella which can bring Apple to recovery mode without the need to press home button. I had to use tinyumbrella and blackrain to pull it out. Mine did this and I had the speed intensifier installed. I just let it be and after about twenty mins it came back on and worked perfect. Just in case.

Tried to get Siriport on my iphone 4. Followed the steps and when it had to reboot, it got stuck on this screen for about an hour or more. Now open your tethered JB program to boot tethered and do the normal process for getting into DFU and allowing redsnow or whatever to boot your device. After that?

Your phone is fine? I have the same problem with you , i try to install siriport , but it is fine , after that i install siri dictation,my phone reboot and stuck on apple logo.

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I have the same problem as you! I tried to get siriport on it but afterwards, I rebooted it, and it got stuck at the apple icon. Siriport and got stuck on apple logo endless. I had to fully restore my iphone 4 ios 7. Looks like restore territory again..

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If you are on 5. I have an iPhone 4 that has never been jailbroken and it got stuck in an on off cycle. I resotred the phone via iTunes and also going into recoverymode and it still does the same this. When it does boot to the start up screen it is very slow. Please help me get this phone fixed. I do not see where he says Cydia is installed. I will try to put my phone in dfu mode and restore with iTunes as soon as i get back home and will let you guys know what happens.

HELP what do i do i need an answer As soon as possible i tried downloading siri with spite on my iphone 4 now its stuck on the apple logo i tried to reboot and restore it that would not work i tried dfu mode it would not work whenever i try anything apple says it times out i cant pay for anything because i have no money or credit card.

I am half way through the process and too scared to continue as the computer I have linked it with hasnt done a back up of my contacts. I uninstalled siriport as it had been a week or so that it kept giving the non responsive reply and to my dismay, my iphone got stuck on the apple logo.. Tried siriport. Screwed up my iPhone 4 a bit. Uninstalled via Cydia. After removal, stuck in DFU mode. No miracle answers here…doing the full restore now. What exactly did you do because I pressed all 4 buttons at the same time and the phone turns on and off….

Backlit or logo screen will work. Exit redsnow. You can put your device in DFU Mode while having them on the screen. Your device should now work properly. Follow the on screen instructions. My 4s can be detected by the PC but it wont enter were the icons are, it get stock in the apple logo. I dont want to restore it because it has 5. After a charger is connected to it, it shows the boot logo and after some time if i tries to turn it on, it stuck as it is.

Hope it works!! Hello I Am using iphone 3gs and its not jailbroken i was using os 6. Apple could care less, they would prefer you bought a new iPhone. I only have the apple logo when I press the power button. Cannot start phone have no computer Will not start I see apple sign the Gray screen Help. I have iphone4 which is stuck at bootlogo.. Its no jailbroken! Nothing… Cant find the possible solution. Please help. I have a iphone 5. After rebooting my phone almost 4weeks now it got stuck on the apple logo. Ive tried holding the power button along with the home button let it flash then hold d plus volume button and its still not coming on to the home screen!!

It will recover back to normal mode. I am begging yall! Name required.

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