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Although am still waiting for BBM message for confirmation bt it taking longer tym. I cant seem to download it on my Sony Xperia S here in Namibia. It says its not compitable with my device. This is not working, you are queued to activate it on a mailing list and never get the email at all…another useless app. Please blackberry. I do appreciate if it fair.

For those of you who are not able to find BBM for Android on play store. Hit http: Hello frndzz.

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Is this bbm is working on custom rom on samsung galaxy y… Plsss reply frndzz. Looks like the app is no more available.. This is not the real blackberry messenger but the fake one.. Amit Bhawani.

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Actually double checked, go to BBM. Apk installed but it says not connected to internet whereas i am connected to my home wifi working perfectly please assist. I think its better we wait few more days.

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Downloaded and installed. Signed up and getting a message BBM is setting up and even after hours nothing happens, same state. Your email address will not be published. Android Advices. Related Items: VijayRaj January 4, at Siraz February 27, at 9: Thank you.

[Leaked]BBM For Android (Review using Galaxy S3)- How to Download BBM APK for android UK early

Charles December 10, at I just downloaded it and it works, im in Zimbabwe, thans for the link. Chetan Bhawani November 29, at 9: I have it and it works but after a day i cant use it any more this is a shit app. Abdul October 25, at Toolz October 24, at 9: I cant download bbm on ma Sony Xperia tipo….

Riaan October 23, at Octo Marchel October 22, at 8: Lynne October 22, at 8: Just downloaded BBM on my galaxy s3 from play store in Canada.

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Divyansh October 22, at 7: Not happy cant down load bbm on my samsunge galaxt ace s Its real but not available here in Nigeria…but why.. Anne October 22, at 5: Sohail Patel October 22, at Abhi October 22, at Vishobh October 22, at Foqaan Shaikh October 22, at While others anxiously wait till 22nd September, counting every second as it passes by - WE at Ngbuzz. We took these pictures to show off. This is an update about the earlier announced launch of Blackberry messenger for Android and iOS devices we wrote above.

The information is correct, Blackberry Messenger was released on iPhone on the 22nd but disappointed potential users when it was later pulled from the Apple Store. The Android version Never got added to the playstore, instead fakes where being downloaded by unsuspecting users.

The Corporate Lie! According to Blackberry, they tried to fix the problem caused by the unreleased version which was being downloaded but were overwhelmed by Millions of registrations, they couldn't block those accessing BBM with unreleased versions and were left with no option but to PAUSE the official release. Hey Blackberry - You don't throw the Baby away with the dirty bath water!!!

BBM for Android, BBM for iPhone out. Download here

When will Blackberry messenger for iPhone and Android Finally be available? We regret to inform you that Blackberry has not announced any new date when the most anticipated Application with be available on both Mobile operating systems. Some speculate that the new owners of the Company A private group of investors may have made the decision to maintain BBM's exclusivity. Is the Blackberry Messenger Application still working?

For Android: For iPhone: If you were lucky enough to install the Application on a Jailbroken iPhone - then you can continue to Enjoy the Awesomeness of Pinging from an iPhone like me. That's all the Update i have to share for now as we keep praying and hoping it doesn't take forever for BB to fix the fake problem that doesn't exist. As you know Blackberry is dragging their feet and delaying deployment of BBM on All country App stores, the Official BBM Application reached Australia on 22nd before it was taken down but those who were lucky enough downloaded the app are still using it.

This process will require you to do the following.

Edit i had the ID and password to an australian ID that worked, shared it with some people and they successfully downloaded BBM but one of them decided to change the password - so sorry guys, i can't provide the login for now but searching for another. This process is totally safe and works on Any iPhone. Craven Guest.