Night vision app for samsung galaxy s2

I don't know what damaged the display, but I suspect it had to do with the app filter.

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I never used it again, and the problem never occurred again. Maybe it was the app, maybe it wasn't.

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I would say it's not safe I'm only using again when it's a native app from Android. You just messed up your settings the technician had put them in right setting back. A so-called bluelight filter is supposed to reduce strain on your eyes if you are in the habit of using your mobile phone for long hours, especially if you use it to read extensively. However, the medical justification for this kind of thing is still controversial.

Some people solve this issue by using an ebook reader like a Kindle for reading. In my experience, installing and using an app for bluelight filtering is not an option. All the apps available are too crude or have intrusive adds or are not well-integrated into the system. Only the Nougat filter is worth using.

Even the much-touted Twilight is worthless.

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Such things need integration into the operating system, not an app. That should perhaps teach us that basic smartphone functions need integration into the ecosystem, not imposed by an app. I use it on my phone and find it helps at night when my eyes are tired. Bottom line is it's supposed to help if you plan on going to bed because the blue light is supposed to make it so that it's more difficult to fall asleep.

Don't want discoloration and dimming of photo or video viewing or editing, or digging into system settings to turn it off and on for different applications. Samsung Unpacked.

What features on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ allow me to shoot in low light?

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How to activate night mode as a default setting

Stay signed in. Jump to: What is blue light filter and why do we need it? Night Light on the Pixel 2. It can also be configured in the brightness settings. Bluelight Filter is perfect for getting access to the Android Night Mode function. Android 4. Write new comment:. All changes will be saved.

No drafts are saved when editing. Submit Cancel. Write a comment! We want the Samsung Galaxy Fold right away, right now, yesterday. Recommended articles. Thanks for signing up! Almost done! This tutorial demonstrates how to enable the blue light filter feature on Samsung Galaxy phones running on the Nougat OS. Samsung Galaxy Phones running on Nougat have a night mode function. The blue light filter, when activated, will emit a yellow light onscreen instead of the usual super white light.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone that supports the Nougat OS but you have not made the switch yet, this may convince you to make that update. To use the blue light filter and enable night mode on Samsung Galaxy phones, follow these steps: Open the Notification Panel by swiping a finger from the top of the screen to the bottom. From the Notification Panel, tap on the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Galaxy Devices: Enable Samsung’s “Blue Light Filter”

From Settings, open the Display settings. From Display, tap on the switch for the Blue light filter to enable the feature. Your screen will display a yellowish shade and will stop emitting blue light. You are done. Will the blue light filter affect the way I view pictures and videos? Yes, it will. Though the blue light filter has its benefits, the yellowish light may affect picture and video quality.

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  • The feature acts as a filter for your screen to give it a warmer, yellow hue. If you want to enjoy your movies, it is best that you switch off the feature.

    How to Turn your phone into a night vision camera

    Will the blue light filter affect the quality and color of pictures and videos taken on my phone while the feature is activated? No, the screen may appear yellow when you take the picture or video, but the actual output is of standard quality and color. Is there an iPhone version for this feature? Yes, we have a step-by-step tutorial on how to enable night mode on iPhone.

    Check it out.