Portable mobile phone jammer circuit

Basically the mobile jammer circuit consists of three main circuits.

Mobile Jammer Circuit

If the three main circuits are gathered then the output of that circuit is called as a jammer. The three circuits are mentioned below. By using the tuned circuit the RF amplifier amplifies the signal and the amplification signal is given to the antenna with the help of the capacitor C6 this capacitor will remove the DC signal and permit the AC signal. This oscillator will produce the high frequency with minimum impair. If the tuned circuit is ON then the voltage is stored by the capacitor according to the capacity and the electric energy is the main function of the capacitor.

Once the capacitor is fully charged it will allow the charge to flow through an indicator. Basically the inductor is used to store the magnetic energy through this voltage across the capacitor it will get decreased automatically, at the same time total magnetic energy is stored in the inductor and the charge of the capacitor will be zero. The inductor of the magnitude will be decreased and the capacitor will be charged with the help of current in a reverse polarity manner. After some period of time capacitor is charged completely and the magnetic energy transversely the inductor will be zero.

Once again the capacitor will produce the charge to the inductor and becomes zero. After some time interval the capacitor will be charged with the help of an inductor and the capacitor will become zero. The internal resistance is generated hence the oscillation will be stopped. The supply of the RF amplifier is through the capacitor C5 to the collector terminal which is before C6 for gain signal to the tuned signal.

For generating noise the capacitors C2 and C3 are used for the frequency generated by the tuned circuit and these capacitors will produce the electronic pulses in random. The cell phone Jammer works with the frequency of MHz if this frequency is hunk we need to generate the MHz frequency with same noise which is acted as a blocking signal because the receiver of the cell phone signal will not be able to understand the received signal.

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By this circuit we can able to block the cell phone signals. The Mobile phone jammer devices transmit the similar radio frequency which is greater power than the cell phone. The communication between the cell phone and the base station of the phone tower is called as a denial of service attack.

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This causes the obstruction with the communication of cell phones and towers to make the cell phones not viable and there is no network visibility. Hence it works in both ways i.

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Cell phone to the tower frequency and the other one is tower to mobile frequency. This article is about the tutorial on how mobile jammer works and applications. I hope the given information in the article is helpful to give some good information and understanding the concept. For furthermore, if you have any queries regarding this concept or to implement electrical and electronic projects you can comment in the below section. And once again please visit our domestic website https: Hi Asp I sincerely appreciate your kind response regarding my article.

YES, it is operating with 22nH. Hi Naveen Please visit our website once https: Hi Ayaisha Thanks for your compliment. Once again please visit our website https: Leave this field empty. What is a Mobile Jammer? Talking about a country like Nepal which has a low population approx. They use GSM or systems. The systems have been upgraded to 3G recently.

Cell Phone Jammer Circuit - Engineering Projects

Like there is a bad side to every aspect, excessive use and ringing of mobile phones becomes annoying or disrupting at certain events. This might create serious issues in some places like conference rooms, law courts, libraries, lecture rooms and mosques. Basically it is an electronic countermeasure device. There is a simple technology behind the entire concept of cell phone jamming.


Because of which, all phones within the effective radius of the jammer are silenced. Keeping aside the convenience of this device, it has been declared illegal in most countries.

However recently, there has been an increasing demand for portable cell phone jammers.