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It works perfect! And I just want to share, when I restarted mine, it asked for the on-screen password eventhough the setting was off before I lost my IMEI. In case this happens to you, just recall your last password. I still have a wro ng IMEI number and cannot connect to my provider. Your email address will not be published. Android Advices. Related Items: Diego November 23, at 6: Francisco October 27, at 3: To anyone who might be interested, I have fixed the problem. Souri Birama July 9, at 3: Could you please tell whether same works for Samsung galaxy S?

Prajwal Sayaju September 25, at 8: Prajwal Sayaju September 25, at Edz Fernandez November 26, at Ronald April 14, at Pradeep Neela April 15, at Pradeep Neela April 12, at 6: I was on Android 4. Without backup, you will not be able to restore the EFS. Contact them to fix it. For Note 3, try this guide instead: So still looking out for someone to guide me get my original default EFS folder back.

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I am presently on 4. Hi Rakesh, Need help… Recently flashed my i international version phone with Cyanogenmod 10 and lost my network. So I am not sure what do I do to get this thing sorted out.

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I did not back up my efs folder before flashing custom rom. Can you please help me get back my imei number and network? What is the location of this directory on your device? Do you also see a file something like this: Not sure which directory it is in but when I open my root browser, I can directly see the efs folder along with cache, config, dev, mnt, root folders etc. Yes I do have but these tar files are the one which I backed up after I lost my network using EFS Pro, so not sure if they are of any use. I am attaching screenshots of EFS folder to see if that helps.

What I meant was- can you see an EFS file on the sd card of your phone? Try this tool too: Recently I root my Note 8.

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Later I used Triangle Away to 0 the counter. But my Wi-Fi Mac address is there. Please help! Thank you. Hi Aki, Did you use the paid version of Triangle Away or got it from some third-party website? One of our users solved a similar issue and you can find his solution below. If that does not help, I would recommend you to flash stock firmware on your device and check if product code and baseband are fixed. If they do, root it again and then try restoring the EFS. Dear Rakesh, Appreciate your reply. Still, no success! A friend will download it for me as my bandwidth is not enough for GBs: I also found that my proximity sensor and vibration also not working.

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  8. Rakesh, will it be possible for you to help me here, I need a compressed. If anyone else willing to help, can create a. Hey, does twrp back up the EFS as well? Am I able to restore it from there after wiping the phone for installing a ROM? Is it possible to back everything up without the need of a computer? I would also recommend you to keep a copy pf EFS on computer too. Yes, you can backup everything without computer. Read the root apps article. I gave you the link yesterday. I have successfully installed Carbon ROM along with all the back up files. Thanks for all your help!

    Download and install from here: Trying to install the Carbon 4.

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    Tried your process to back this up using EFS professional — seems to work — backs up my 4. Any suggestions? Keep the backup as precaution for future. I think it is a modem issue. Try a TouchWiz based rom to make sure if the problem is really real. Hai iam using a samsung galaxy ace si recemtly i flashed it with a jellyblast custom rom after installing that i lost my imei but fortunately i hav stock rom backup plz tell me a way to backup and restore efs partition i had tried galaxy tool box but it only backups but not restores and also i have tried efs pro tool but i got an error that error while getting partition list plz help me.

    Is there some option for me? The Cellphone Hardware model. I even flashed back the modem restore and the phone signal never came up. Dont know what to do in this case.

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    Recently could flash the Adam Kernel to see if this helps. I have a simcard locked Samsung i Is there a way to flash a omega rom without loosing imei? I tried this software but I didnt format the efs option. Is that a must? I did it but never restored the imei data on the cellphone so I had to flash the stock rom back. My question is if is necessary to use the format efs option on the efs proffesional? If not, I am afraid you will have to use the Octopus tool fix the problem or find a guy who has this tool. Issue solved! BusyBox shall be installed in advanced mode, which install much more packages.

    EFS Pro fails to create archive. Phone model: International Variants All was going well until the creation of the archive. Device was recognized correctly, efs. Can anyone help?

    Tools and Methods to Backup and Restore EFS

    GT-I I choose device filter: After starting efs professional, it says that it failed to start adb server…what does that mean? I did some research and it seems I have to update my sdk? Having trouble doing that. Any advice? Accept it from there are it should be okay. Last question. In your article it says sch is the verizon s4, but the verizon galaxy s4 is sch There is no sch in the device filter on EFS pro.

    There is sch, however. Do I just use ?

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    Sorry for all the questions. Hi Clifton, that might be a typo error. Download the latest version that supports all Qualcomm devices: I reinstalled efs pro using the link provided in your comment. Yes, root is required. Also do not forget to install the BusyBox app as directed in the guide before trying. Yes, EFS partition lies on internal system and therefore EFS Pro or any other app must have access to that partition of device to be able to modify it.

    Busybox provides more freedom to the application so it is necessary too. Formatting has nothing to do options like md5 checksum or repair nv. They should be checked while restoring. Also, try with the newer version of EFS Pro: For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Terminal Emulator for Android Price: File Explorer Root Browser Price: Related Posts. Dec 12, at 2: Aug 23, at 8: Jun 1, at 6: Jun 2, at 7: Jun 2, at Jan 30, at 8: May 7, at 9: May 6, at 3: Nov 6, at 8: Dec 29, at Dec 29, at 1: Sep 30, at 9: Apr 1, at Mar 9, at 2: Mar 9, at 4: Feb 10, at 4: Dec 6, at 4: Let me know thanks….

    Oct 3, at 6: Oct 3, at 7: Sep 11, at 9: Would you be able to advise on that please? Jul 29, at 8: Hope this help. Jul 17, at 9: Jul 17, at 7: Jun 30, at 7: Jun 25, at 8: Jun 27, at 7: Jul 2, at 2: Jun 9, at 1: Jun 10, at 6: Try one of the methods from above. May 28, at 6: Apr 4, at Apr 4, at 5: Mar 21, at 4: Mar 24, at 4: How much time does it take? Mar 18, at Now my phone is locked, even that it does not receive sim card I really hope to get all your help Thanks for all.

    Jul 20, at 2: Mar 12, at 4: Can u provid the link of busybox 1. Feb 11, at 9: Feb 11, at 8: Allow on-screen USB debugging pop up on phone when prompted. Sep 27, at 3: Jan 16, at 7: Rakesh… any method to backup imei without root the phone? Jan 16, at Dec 24, at Dec 17, at 3: Dec 17, at 8: Dec 15, at 4: Dec 4, at 3: Dec 4, at Dec 2, at Dec 3, at 9: Try rebooting your phone or install a different firmware.

    Dec 3, at 1: Dec 2, at 7: Nov 26, at 2: Nov 27, at 7: Nov 28, at Nov 28, at 1: Try a data factory reset through recovery. Follow the Steps from this guide: Dec 3, at Dec 5, at 1: Dec 8, at Dec 9, at 6: Try this: Nov 20, at 8: Nov 20, at Nov 18, at 9: Hi, i am new to this, i have not backed up my EFS folder so i have no signal and my IMEI number is incorrect now start with i have tried so many options that i have looked on the net like xda developers, i have reinstalled my phone using kies no luck but phone works but no signal, Oh forgot the mention my phone is GT-I its not the Qualcomm processor its the Exynos Quad.

    Nov 18, at 2: Did you recently downgrade or upgrade firmware? Nov 19, at 5: Nov 21, at 4: Nov 22, at