Wireless phone and key finder

Remote Whistle Wireless. This little gadget can help you locate things you've misplaced easily,as well as prevent thing from being lost or misplaced in the first place. Can be used as a remote shutter to take a selfie or to s No more fumbles in pockets, bags, etc.

The 10 Best Wireless Remote Key Finders of 2018

Functions as selfie shutter. Latest energy efficient Bluetooth 4. Omnidirectional anti-lost alarm. Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4. Compatible with: Any noise over DB causes the promotion gift to beep and the light to flash.

Key Finders

When you lose your key in your drawer, cupboard, under the bed etc. You can just clap, whistle or shout, then it You can just clap, whistle or shout, then it sounds and the led flashes to help you to find your keys. Attach this electronic key fi With just one press on the button, the beep sound will lead you to find the lost stuff. A great gift to forgetful person, elders friends, etc.

Best Wireless Key Finder

No more hide and seek! Loud sounds and Long working dista With just one press on the color-coded button, the beep sound and flashes will lead you to find the lost stuff. There is nothing wrong with misplacing your keys. What really matters is how quickly you It can also enable selfie shuttering and recording.

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Advanced Bluetooth Technology and App: Adopts advanced Bluetooth 4. When a NUT is attached with your car, the APP will record where your car is parked and show you the location on the built-in map. Support interface: If your de Beep with flash light for six seconds. Any noise over DB causes to beep and the light to flash. Bought this as i keep loosing my house keys.

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  5. Used it a few times now. I added little white labels under each coloured button so i knew which item i was finding. Bought this for my mum who constantly loses both her phone and hey keys all the time. Wanted the sports edition as it was a fiver cheaper! The white and gold one is nice enough but the grey and black one would probably go better with a set of car keys.

    The product works well and is loud enough to be heard from another room, and does it what it says it should. The only thing is my mum had difficulty connecting it to her phone at first as the app is slightly confusing at first, but got it sorted after fiddling around for a bit.

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    You can also change the ringtones which is a nice function to have. The batteries say they last up to a year but that is yet to be seen. The only other thing Whistle Key Finder. Dont know how managed before without one" - by paul allen cumbria. Got 2 of these items as myself and my mother keep losing out car keys. When yhey arrived i was happy to see that they looked the same as in the picture and that they arent overly large. Simply inserted battery and attached to the keys and hey presto That is to say they didnt stay lost for long.

    Tile Mate ($20)

    Looking for keys to go shopping with my wife i am normally frantic searching where they are as my sone likes to hide things but with this device attached i simply clapped my hands being that i cannot whistle very well and listened out for the beeping. Job done. Located the lost keys in the bottom of the toy box and we were ready to go. One happy customer and one happy wife. Yhankyou gor such a great idea.

    Key Finder

    I have lot of keys and every time I forget the keys where I put the keys. There is no time waste finding the keys because just one click it will get siren then I found key very easily without wasting my time. The product is very simple.

    Link a key ring to a letter on the keypad and if you lose your keys or whatever you can easily find them. They beep for about 6secs but is plenty loud enough to find them. They key pad can be removed from its holder too which makes things a little easier too. Only annoyance is my son thinks it's hilarious to be pressing the buttons all the time!! Recommended" - by Amazon Customer. Finds the keys. If you have the CUBE it can find your phone even if it is on silent if bluetooth is on. Batteries can be replaced. WINN England. This was purchased on a whim but I have used it and its great!!

    No more lost keys or so I thought. Somehow my car key has come off my bunch of keys and so whilst I know exactly where the bunch is, my car key is lying lost somewhere! I'm still pretty sure my husband took it off to use my car but he has the memory of a goldfish and is denying all knowledge of it!!!