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Once installed, navigate to the Emphasize menu in Settings and you can select from a long list of color schemes: This tweak works flawlessly on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7. The purpose of this jailbreak tweak is simple — it allows you to hide icon labels. The tweak includes other options for the rotation angle, transparency and scaling of the dock and icons, but developers John Corbett and Joel Einbinder are still working on an iOS 7 update for those features.

According to Einbinder, the new build should be released in just a few days. Bigify is a free package on Cydia from the default BigBoss repository. Control Center and Notification Center are still accessible by swiping the top or bottom of the screen, just without those obtrusive grabbers in the way.

How to Get 5 Icons in Your Dock for Free

If you like to theme your device, this tweak is especially useful. Chris January 24, Do you know if they plan to update them or they just can be updated. Yes, they do intend to update them. Moha January 24, Georgie January 24, Ddnmymusic has the wrong file. Thanks for the heads up. I have updated the link.

Zooom3 January 24, Incompatible right now. Valentijn January 23, They are incompatible. Unknown January 23, Can you add CCMusicArtwork free deb file. SoMeOnE January 23, SoMeOnE January 25, Thomasis January 25, How about LocationHandle?

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Any word on that tweak? Fernando January 22, Any chance to verify and to have the TimeUntilAlarm tweak? Thanks a ton! Valentino January 22, Can you add dont stop the party and which tweaks do you recommend? I recommend Eclipse X and FluidEnabler. Hacker January 22, Fingal not working. Please help me. Its work for me with no issues on my iX. Tttoommmyyy January 22, Mike January 22, Abdel January 22, Is there infinidock-like Tweak? Fresty January 22, Ibs January 22, Will Bishop January 22, Abdel January 21, Is there a harbor like Tweak?

Daniel January 21, Mike January 21, Remove jailbreak and run it again. Did you install topanga jailbreak? Mike January 23, Mrefaey January 21, Yes, I have updated the link. Andrea Rossi January 22, Talal July 23, You can just download it from Cydia now. Hacker January 21, Sean January 21, Can you add lockplus for iOS Chris Stephenson January 28, So does Lock Plus work on iOS 11?

I have an iPhone 6 Plus. Corey January 21, Did you re-jailbreak properly? Finster January 21, Meant to say respiring your device or reboot. Gurprit January 21, Oledification link please!! Valentijn January 21, The colorflow 3 link is not working and can you check the colorbanners 2 tweak? I am checking it asap. Byta font would be great. SamSeppiol January 21, Matteo January 21, Does anyone know how to install gba4ios after jailbreaking. Dan January 21, Laens January 20, Qteezy January 20, Quentin Nunerley January 21, What email do I send it to?

Through the contact form.

2. Alkaline

You just need to add exceptions. Are you able to do that? Timmy January 20, When will OLEDification be back up? For which tweak? Kuraki January 20, Can you add mobius deb? On reddit they says mobius is working. Jon January 20, Colorbadges works with slight bugs.

How to get five icons in your iPhone Dock

Burton January 20, I will upload them shortly. Yahya January 20, Go to beta 2 and then update to beta 6. Georgie January 20, Or any equalizer like that? FunkDub January 19, Waiting update of LittleBrother. Alweel January 19, Gurprit January 19, Fluid enabler is updated to fluidity with more controls Please give link to that. Send them to the root Library folder. Rich January 19, What to do with LaunchDaemons file in CerCube?

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Brendon January 19, DisplayWheater10 does not work. Quarsartz January 19, Eclipse X works well but cant turn off for some reasons. Italo January 19, Send me a screenshot please. Eduardo Macedo January 19, Joshua L January 23, Eduardo — This what I have done so far. Corey January 19, Settings are not showing up for eclipse but it is turned on…? Use the new X version. Josh L January 18, With the snapchat scothman do you install the deb file on top of the already installed app?

Josh L January 19, Matteo January 18, The installation tutorial is given below. Timmy January 22, Waiting for SpecialFaces: CP January 18, Timmy January 21, It does not work, I just tested it. Halim January 18, Anyone have link for notchless new tweak of spark for iphone x. Brendon January 18, Kamran khan January 18, I want 3D touch on iohone 6 can anybody help me for iphone 6 3d touch on ios Laens January 18, Carlo Campos January 18, Is there a way to install BytaFont 3 or anyway to change the font?

Available Packages

Anthony Le January 18, Music Lyrics working great Link down: Daniel Kendall January 17, Kara January 17, Will the notificationcards tweak work. I really love that one. Eduardo Vilar January 17, Any way to change the font? Which file? Are you talking about the deb package? Gurprit January 17, Why is Snoverlay not working Did you transfer the files properly? It also appears in settings as enabled but dont work.

Yes it is also present in settings as enabled but still does not work. Noob January 18, Does gorgone work on ios Nick January 17, Cant seem to get LittleBrother to work help with installing? Coreymb17 January 17, Will the Classiclockscreen tweak work?? If so can you add please….

PS — I would advise against using anything for the time being. My Name Is January 17, Put them in the root Library folder. What to do with the Switch, Activator, Nightmode and application support files in nightmode9. Put them in Library root folder. Anthony Le January 17, We should put them to: You need to put tweak data in the root Library folder. Hope u will update soon.

How to Remove the iOS 8 Dock with Abeo

Arqam January 17, Frost January 17, It would be better if they have descriptions. Italo January 17, In SBInject folder. Anass January 17, Simran mann January 17, I want tweak for dock on iphone x. The reflection mirror bottom old style dock, doesnit work? Josh January 17, Please add shakeit for fingal. Daniel January 16, Does IAPStore or the lock screen weather background tweak work? Hi I just read in reddit that tweak eclipse v4 not work. FySer January 16, Edrey Alvarado January 16, IphoneSE January 16, What about upscale?

Not working currently. Carissa January 16, Nathan January 17, Can you add a link for appcolorbadges please? I need the deb. Halim January 16, Luis January 16, I have given permissions in the all folder, but does not work. I am writing a tutorial for that. I believe its if im not mistaken. Daniel Kendall January 16, Try with Termius app. Kyle January 16, I did everything right but somehow the preference bundle is messed up.

Blond gjini January 16, Andrew January 16, Preference bundle is not working. Sarfaraz Ahmed January 16, Check now. Sarfaraz Ahmed January 17, Huh u just have removed that link. Due to missing dependencies. Till when will i get to install that tweak.

Developer Shows Off uncover Jailbreak For iOS 12, Activates It With Siri Shortcut

I will update it shortly. Please fix that link. Walter January 16, Can someone see if the pandora tweak is working. Glen January 16, Corey January 16, Could you add redesigned notifications tweak if it will work and fix the link for eclipse 4? Cp January 16, Does anyoone know how to get around some links prompting that access to the website was denied?

Timmy January 16, Yes, I am fixing the links.

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  • Developer Shows Off uncover Jailbreak For iOS 12, Activates It With Siri Shortcut?
  • 2. Alkaline.

Hamo Amedi January 15, Hatim January 15, Jbmaster January 15, Thanks dude for all your work! But can you fix Eclipse 4 link pls? Halim January 15, What is semperin always on display for tweak?? BouncNotify8 on iphone x works fine. Joe January 15, Simran Mann January 15, Like the transparent dock I'm sporting in the screenshots above? See how to get it. And as always, let us know what you think of your newly added functionality in the comment section below.

I'm on 9. There is no jailbreak method for iOS 9. What jailbreak method did you use? Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.