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If so, please continue to place a single sale for all the items as our free courier service is unaffected by the Royal Mail limitations. Please see our posting instructions for full details. Please post at your nearest post office and obtain a proof of posting receipt. The receipt will include a 13 character reference which can be used to track your parcel on www. Faulty examples: All devices must not be activation locked and must be deregistered from any associated accounts. All phones and devices must be on a UK network or not locked.

Apple iPhone 3GS

Phones or devices locked to a foreign network will not be accepted. The value of this device is dependent on whether it is unlocked or locked to a particular Network. Please select the Network your device is locked to. Please see list of most popular virtual networks and their host network. If you are unsure which network your device is locked to select 'unknown'. Please Note: Your device is worth more if it is unlocked. Most networks will unlock your device for free or a small fee upon your request. Your cheque will be made payable to the name registered in your Mazuma account and can be banked into any UK bank that you hold an account with.

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If not, a BACS transfer will automatically be made. Popular Devices: Courses in English, GPS-card applications for the formation of its program of fitness, frivolous applications for tomfoolery changes in those voice distortion, etc. In any sphere of life will help you iPhone. Just do not skimp on the unlimited internet, it is really needed; Disadvantages: The main drawback - since it is impossible to use a different phone For detail, of course, there is, but here they would think Oh yeah, I remember.

One must be very careful when replacing the SIM card, as well as between the SIM card slot and the screen, no caps, respectively, it is very easy to place the dust on the glass. For work has no effect, but the eyes calluses. I would say so. You can not love Porsche, but you can not say that this is a bad car, because it worked on the genius of his business, he invested in a variety of means, the car has the appropriate status and place in history. Same thing with the iPhone - you can hate it, find it a bunch of imaginary faults, but to call it a bad phone - simply silly.

Beautiful, stable, reliable.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB

Simply the best. The rest - think for yourself. I hope my review will be useful to someone. Thank you for your attention.


First, a few words about my eBay purchase experience. I hate the contract imposed on cell phone users. As a results, I always look for eBay to buy used but mint condition goods such as iPhone or other gadgets. You can always get good deal if you are patient. The phone is exactly the same as the 3G version, but I like the new features such as compass and larger storage 32GB.

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It is also significantly faster than my "retiring" 3G 16GB v ersion. The major complain gets to be the battery life.

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I suffered a battery life loss when converting from 2G to 3G, but this 3GS is even worse: I can barely use it free of charge for two days under normal condition couple of phone calls, couple of GPS mapping, and 30 min also web browsing and email checking. Still, I think it is an evolution of iPhone platform growing on the right track. Never missed my "berry" phone anymore, and Google phone? No way, no how, no Android, for now!

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  4. Ok, I have wrote a review on buying used IPhones from Ebay " http: Clear, big but not the biggest , very sensitive and double touch: Very funny applications Despite I'm working in software industry, but, this cell phone as I must say and repeat it again and again rocks by it's software, you can install hundreds of software and the phone will never come slow unless you messed up: Easy to use, if you are a Nokia or other brand user, you will take some time to get to use to it, and when you do, you will never will return to Nokia again: I have used plenty of brands with different types of Cell phones Operating systems.

    Cool Camera: Apple domination, I mean, if you want to install some software that doesn't exists on Apple Stores, basically, you can't, you will need to JAILBREAK it to install it, I don't know why Apple do that, even if it is not legal software the reliability goes on the user, that's doesn't mean I install illegal software, I actually try the "lite" versions and if I like it, I buy it.

    Apple iPhone 3GS - 32GB - White (Unlocked) A1303 (GSM)

    Unlocked version, is so expensive, when compared to other High end devices. After all, I can't give this device less than 4 stars actually, I wanted it 5: I took a different path. I am not a fan of the big an d clunky iTunes, nor Apple's over controlling device mandates. I have had better experiences over the years downloading and installing Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian and Java apps, as well as media files.