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I had the same problem To be specific, I got the " I dug in pretty deep till I realized that the problem was that I had installed the SDK to a different drive And some components of the SDK have to be in the boot drive My solution was to uninstall the SDK, and then reinstall, taking care not to add any of those compulsorily-on-c-drive components check the disk usage, should be 0. Then the SDK option works. Worst comes to worst, edit the appropriate. Iris Iris view profile. The installation of the SDK fails and I get the following: A problem occurred while installing selected Windows SDK components.

Please attempt to resolve the problem and then start Windows SDK setup again. If you continue to have problems with this issue, please visit the SDK team support page at http: Click the View Log button to review the installation log. To exit, click Finish. So, after reading about the. NET frameworks 4. However, this doesn't help.

The installation fails. Does anyone have a solution for me maybe? Gunjan Dewan Gunjan Dewan view profile. I am facing the exact same problem while installing Windows SDK. I have Windows 8. NET framework wont uninstall from my computer. Anyone has a solution to this? Sina view profile.

Download Windows Phone 7.1 SDK RTW (All Language Web/Offline Installer)

Answer by Sina Sina view profile. Then do I really need to reinstall them again as it said in step 4?

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 cannot install - Solution!

Hey Sina,. We've updated the answer since then. If the redistributables are already there, and you have everything working, reinstalling them is not necessary. Satya view profile. Answer by Satya Satya view profile. I'm installing the SDK 7. Any suggestion for this? Ulzii Ulzii view profile. I faced this problem before. But now already solved by this instruction http: Federico view profile. Answer by Federico Federico view profile. Edited by Federico Federico view profile.

I have windows 8.

Download Windows Phone SDK 7.8 Update

Volker Quetschke Volker Quetschke view profile. Vemund Svanes Bertelsen view profile. Hi, when encountering problems probably related to the. The sdk installer detected that it was installed, but claimed it would not need to be uninstalled, which in my case turned out not to be true. When installation of the SDK was complete Matlab gave the following message: I followed the instructions here: After running the SDK installation again following the steps outlined by the support team above, the Matlab compiler setup was satisfied and I can run the Matlab compiler again.

Thanks to everyone contributing, it helped me. I hope nobody needs my solution ;-. Answer by moo moo view profile. Two questions: It is not one of the steps but is included in troubleshooting - install or not? Samples, Intellisense, etc. What's the minimim install for mex to work. Christoph Christoph view profile. This will also depend a bit on your use case. I recommend to contact Technical Support if you need more details.

Shantanu Vaishnav view profile. Answer by Shantanu Vaishnav Shantanu Vaishnav view profile.

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I followed all the above mentioned steps but am still not able to find the Windows SDK 7. What do I do?

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Thank You. If you are using Windows 10, then you will find it difficult to use SDK 7. Answer by windy wang windy wang view profile. Edited by David David view profile. Door Cellor view profile. Answer by Door Cellor Door Cellor view profile. Hello, I use a version Ra on win10,and I have a error below. SDK 7. I do not know if you could get VS Professional to work.

How do I install Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1?

I would doubt any earlier versions of VS would work. Perhaps one of the Intel compilers would work. You might be able to take advantage of the advice at https: Matt Ward view profile. Answer by Matt Ward Matt Ward view profile. I tried following many of the suggestions on this page on Windows 10 and still experienced install failures.

I was finally able to make it work by downloading the. ISO installer from Microsoft following the suggestions from this page: Eva Gil view profile. Answer by Eva Gil Eva Gil view profile.

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Hello, I've tried to install SDK 7. NET Framework 4 before. NET Framework4. Any advice to solve this problem? Thank you! Possibly https: Eva Gil Eva Gil view profile. The Visual Studio IDE is patched to enable selection from a list of emulators, and launching it note that the WPSDK can only support connecting to one at a time, though The Windows Phone [ MB device] emulator image is updated to use build A second, new emulator device image is included, allowing you to emulate running your app on a MB device The Microsoft Advertising SDK is updated to the latest version previously only available as a separate install , which fixes some issues devs were encountering at runtime IntelliSense now supports specifying the MB device requirement in your manifest file, should you choose to opt your app out from running on the new MB devices Language support is again consistent both in the IDE the 7.

You can see the Windows Phone project templates in Visual Studio 2. Select the target version of your App 3. Emulator Selection drop down in Visual Studio 4. See the debugging on Windows Phone emulator Step 5: Sit and enjoy with Windows Phone Development Hope this tips were helpful. About Nithin Mohan — A passionate hardcore application programmer, software architect, and technology evangelist with over 13 years of experience in Web, Mobile, and Cloud applications design and development.

NET Framework. NET Framework 4. NET 4. Site Status. Follow me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Windows Phone SDK 7. Select Language:. Choose the download you want.

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