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They are first encountered in level Unlike all other special tiles, wolves can randomly appear inside blank tiles, even in tiles just outside the board's boundaries. Sun tiles grows when a match is made next to it, otherwise it will fade out. When fully grown it will explode. It takes two matches in a row or three moves without a match for a sun tile to explode or fade. Upon explosion, a sun tile destroys all ice crystals in a diamond shape 5 tiles wide. The ice blast tile can be triggered by making a match next to it; however, they will turn all surrounding tiles into size-1 snow in the same shape of a sun tile explosion.

Frozen Free Fall

If an affected tile already has snow, it increases in size. They must be triggered a set number of times to pass the level. Unlike other tiles, charms are triggered upon being destroyed by the ice blast. Ice blasts are stationary and cannot be moved by any situation. Marshmallow tiles must be dropped off the board like special items or two matches must be made next to them.

However, if two matches are made next to a Marshmallow tile, he would roar and cause tiles to be covered in snow, and already snowed tiles to increase in size. There is a degree of randomness regarding the tiles affected, but it depends on the level. Note than Marshmallow will still roar if you drop him off the board by making a second match next to him.

Unlike special items, the Marshmallow tile can be swapped with another crystal, only one Marshmallow tile can appear on the board at any time, and it will not respawn until after all tiles have fully settled. Trolls must be woken up by making three matches. They change positions after every move like wolves, but they only move one of two tiles at a time, and only downwards unless a match is made next to them, in which case they move away from it, unless a match is made on top of them, in which case they do not move at all.

However, unlike Marshmallow, they are lost if they fall from the bottom of the board.

Fires must be lit by making three matches next to them. After being lit, upon any further trigger, sparks fly from a fire to add one to the counters of fires as well as destroying all crystals in five nearby tiles top, left, right, top right and top left.

Windows must be opened by making two matches next to it on different sides, which adds a layer of frost to nearby tiles. Making a match next to an orange whirlpool would cause the crystal or special item above the corresponding blue whirlpool to fall into it and reappear under the orange whirlpool. Making a match next to a sailboat would cause it to move in a straight line in the opposite direction and off the screen.

When hit by multiple matches, charms, or other sailboats however, they seem to just move in a random direction. Sailboats can be moved like normal tiles. Ghosts will eat adjacent or diagonal tiles of the same colour, disappearing after eating 10 crystals. Cauldron are 1 by 2 tiles that will be filled by candies falling on top of it.

After taking 4 pieces, they will disappear. Holiday Lights are lit by making matches next to them, but they must be lit in a specific order. They would only be lit if they are the current single light that is blinking. Holiday Ornaments are special colored tiles that could be used to make matches just like every other normal tile.

They can be used to make normal charms.

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A single Glacier can be swapped with a normal tile to destroy ornaments of that colour, but a Glacier cannot be swapped with a ornament to do the same. A combo of two Glaciers will destroy them just like all other tiles. Fireworks can be pushed in the opposite direction by making a match next to them, destroying all crystals in their way and bouncing back if they hit an obstacle. They always bounce back to the same spot, unless they have traveled too far, in which case they move up to about 7 tiles.

In other words, they will destroy less crystals if pushed into a close wall. Companions are Frozen characters that appear in stages and offer a limited amount of powers ups.

The appearances of the companions closely follow the storyline of the film. Players start the first few levels with child Kristoff, who doesn't offer a power-up. Afterwards, all levels have at least one companion and their associated power-up for the player to choose from. Young Elsa first appears on level 9, while adult Elsa first appears on level Adult Elsa's icon and model have her in her "Snow Queen" garb, even before she leaves Arendelle.

Young Kristoff first appears on level 1 but does not offer any power-ups , while adult Krisoff first appears on level Olaf's hot chocolate melts selected tiles and all tiles directly under it. He first appears on level A second and separate power-up, peek-a-boo, is unlocked on the level 32 on the summer map. It is accessed with a different Olaf portrait. Thanks for your feedback! You can move items you have placed in the Plaza by tapping and holding on the item until the toolbar shows up. If you're still having troubles, be sure to contact us at support disneymobile.

If I HAD to point out a negative it would be that some levels are repeats as far as what you have to do to clear the level I would recommend to obviously change things up a bit even if you have to do the same actions, at least make the setup of the level different. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Minor bug fixes.

Play brand new levels to unlock Playful Puppies on your game board!

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  3. A match-3 game in the world of Frozen.

Help Elsa collect specials from the Saga Map to earn an exclusive reward! The holidays are merrier with 80 new levels! Clear these frosty cubes to win the level!

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Play levels on the Saga Map without losing a life to start each level with enchanting boosters! Make matches to beat the level! Stay tuned for more icy puzzles, special events, and more Frozen fun! Find other Plaza items in the Plaza Shop!

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  • Break them open to beat the level! Minor bug fixes and optimized performance. Create a big dance party to beat the level! Unlock them all to earn a special Spring Item Prize! Ring the bells in their posts to beat the level! With each match you make, a pair of gloves will be stowed away in a Glove Box. Fill the boxes completely to win! Play new levels in the Holiday Ice Tree Event to earn prizes and special items to decorate your own Arendelle Plaza and help Olaf collect items to build the Kransekake just in time for the Arendelle Holiday Party!

    NEW Fruit Cakes are falling on the game board! Make matches near the Snowgies to have them travel from one platform to the next to help clear your board. Feb 6, Version 7. Add to Wishlist. Unlock MORE seasonal puzzles and game modes as you explore the land with our new updates! Ask your friends for more and return the favor by gifting them right back! Visit Facebook.

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    Free Fall is free to play but some in-game items may require payment. Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies and some third parties. You can upload and save content from this app to your device. We respect your wishes regarding your Privacy. Visit the official Frozen Free Fall website — http: Reviews Review Policy.

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