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Unfortunately, this can be a tricky problem to solve. A lot of people suffer from a flaw in the WP8 system which caused the available storage to gradually fill up. Unfortunately, this category fills up and there is no way of clearing it out without wiping the phone.

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Sometimes updates do not come through to your device like they should. This can result in issues with apps like Facebook or WhatsApp where no notifications come through, but when you open the app there are a ton of updates queued up. Many Windows Phone 8 users have been complaining about push notifications not working properly on the platform with a number of popular apps. There are some things you can try. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Black screen during calls A lot of few people have encountered persistent problems with their screen going black whenever they make or receive a call on their Windows Phone 8 device.

Potential fixes: This is likely an issue with the proximity sensor. Give it a wipe or try using compressed air on the top edge to blast any dust away. Some people have reported success by pushing on the screen where the proximity sensor is located. You could ask for a replacement unit, although some people have encountered the same issue on more than one device. Camera not working Some people have had problems with their camera on their Windows Phone 8 device.

Try pressing and holding the camera button for a couple of seconds and see if that starts it. Press and hold the volume down button and the power button together for 10 seconds.

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Your phone will restart and the camera should be working again, but the problem might reoccur. Duplicate songs A lot of people have run into issues with their music collections on Windows Phone 8 devices. A few people have found that turning off Xbox Music cloud collection helps. Potential fix: Make sure that you have a complete back up of your music collection.

Now delete all of the music on your phone and on your SD card. Put the SD card into your PC and reformat it. Create a folder called Music on the blank card and manually drag and drop all the music you want into that folder.

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Now put the SD card back into your phone and wait for it to update. When you want to add new tracks take the SD card out of the phone and put it in your computer and drag and drop the new track into the folder, then put the card back in your phone. Top sellers, Best of , Songs for Fall if you're looking for something new too. Nokia's app has several other advantages - it has several equalizer presets including a custom one and it has Dolby Headphones enhancements. Also, if you like an artist, the app will help you look for gigs close to you. The equalizer and Dolby Headphones settings.

The default Windows Phone 8 media players are on-board too. When you start it, it shows the History, which gives you quick access to the last two items played, or you can go to the full menu and start the music or video player, listen to or watch podcasts, or go to the Marketplace. The music section is made up of albums, songs, playlists, genres and artists. Videos features all, television, music videos, films and personal - think of them like more of categories you can assign your videos to when syncing with Zune. The third section is where you can store all of your downloaded audio and video podcasts.

The Xbox music hub. The music hub has a simple and straightforward interface. You won't have any difficulties using it.

However there are some things missing, like an equalizer. As a music player, it's pretty standard - your tracks are sorted by artist, album, playlists or you can view all songs. The interface is very similar to that of the stock music player, but under the album art it lists the next three songs to be played - really helpful if you're using shuffle.

There's no way to manually reorder the upcoming songs, but you can reshuffle them if there's one you don't like. It has a very simple interface - you have fast forward and rewind controls, a timeline and a video size button that toggles full-screen viewing. The video player in Windows Phone 8 has greatly improved codec support since our last encounter.

There is no subtitle support at this point. Since Windows Phone 8 is no longer Zune dependent, you can easily upload videos from your computer via the USB mass storage mode. There's an FM radio on board the Lumia , which is one of the few extras it has over the Lumia The Nokia Lumia audio output is pretty similar to those of the Lumia and the Lumia It's relatively clean and with decent volume levels, which should be enough for most users, but may not be enough to please very demanding audiphiles. When connected to an active external amplifier, the Lumia managed good scores with the higher than average intermodulation distortion the only exception.

Volume levels are good, even if not the best. We have prepared great instrumental songs for you to enjoy. Many people use background music during everyday activities, whether it is jazz music, new age or instrumental music. Let the waves of soothing sounds take you to a calm place away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city life. If you like to listen to instrumental songs and enjoy the sounds of piano, guitar, saxophone, cello and flute, Instrumental Music app is just for you.

Listen to music while relaxing, or use these instrumental songs as background music for any occasion.

20 common problems with Windows Phone 8, and how to fix them

This app has six major categories: Electronic music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical music and Various, where you can find the best collection of instrumental music. Create your own playlist, find songs you like the most and create a perfect atmosphere with soothing ambient music. There is no better sound for relaxing than the sound of classical music. Create the best playlist, be creative and enjoy instrumental music of piano, guitar, saxophone, cello and flute.

Nokia Lumia 920 Best Games: Flappy Bird? No it's Jolly Fish!

Regardless of what kind of music you prefer: Do not hesitate, download Instrumental Music and enjoy your background music everywhere you go and wherever you are. This application has been tested on the following phones Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8. Credits go to: Freepik - http: Translate to English.

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