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Jan 16, 4, Yep, just checked on my iOS 10 iPad, that seems to be it. I've been trying to find this table but cant for the life of me. It's a unique setup from the usual ones, the hook is that when triggered the ball goes into another smaller table and you use the flippers upside down. Thought it was really neat but don't know what table it is. Slam Tilt said: Judgment Day Twilight Zone. Xythantiops Member.

Oct 27, Xythantiops said: Black Hole or Haunted House. Definitely Black Hole. BigWeather Member. Nov 4, I love the look of Black Hole so much, that amazing glowing blue and the wonderful playfield art. Even like the audio.

Arabian nights is the free table but will it go away after this month like the rest, anyway to buy it? Beer Monkey said: Rumor is if you've played it, you've 'bought' it. HotHamBoy Member.


Oct 27, 9, Oct 26, 5, Although World Champion Soccer is slowly becoming my new favourite. HF Member. Oct 25, 1, Mewzard Member.

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  • Feb 4, Last edited: Jun 6, Buying season 1 does sound like a better deal but I sort of want a table or 2 from a few different seasons. Gonna have a lot of tables to try this weekend. Mewzard said: Banzai Run is the most recent addition to the group that will be leaving, and a table that lets you go Vertical?

    How could I not recommend that? Alwayscrazybacon Member. Oct 25, 3, China. Bought this too mainly because my nephew liked the music to this table. Realised after you can play vertical which was really cool, I do like when tables do unique stuff like that. Thanks for the other recommendations.

    Jun 7, Oct 25, 2, FWIW, not new news, but they just said on the Farsight stream that they can't discount the season packs on Steam for the summer sale. Also that they are coming out with some Stern LCD tables. Jun 8, In Stern Pinball Switch tables we can buy as packages, well the tables i want are packaged and cheaper acdc, star trek as package, and ghostbusters, mustang as another package. If im making these purchase in stern , will it work with Pinball Arcade as crossbuy?

    HF said: HotHamBoy said: For Nintendo Switch. I ment buying tables on Stern for Switch, will they carryover into Pinball Arcade.

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    • Plus you'll have all your tables in one app. And anyway im confused that you are saying the bundles are more expensive in TPA. Pack 1: In a way, buying those two pack will give me the 4 tables i dont own, and an excuse to use my Switch eh. They will not unlock on TPA. Oh well, bought em. Ill see what will happen lol. Jun 9, Jan 30, 2, Why does Stern Pinball Arcade even exist at this point. I regret buying one of the bundles on Switch since I would have actually gotten more by waiting for the unforeseen bundle when TPA came back.

      Lol ok didnt work. Perhaps next update they will put the limited editions in TPA. Anyway got something to play with my Switch now hehe. Played for like an hour, perhaps i need to give these 4 tables more try, Ghostbusters is the best one, but im not crazy about the other 3. They are not bad, guess i might need to give em more time. These are simulations, not "games" per say. Well, I guess simulations of games is more accurate. Anyway, it's incredible. You do need to PAY for the tables, though, and I've purchased a lot of them.

      I don't see ads when I play tables that I've purchased. I can't audition tables without incredibly intrusive, non-closeable, quite lengthy ads, though As one that's more than willing to purchase even moderately-enjoyable tables, it's certainly cost them revenue FROM ME. I can't really speak for others, though. The 3. Table quality would be a 6 out of 5. I think everyone would agree on that. Stay away from the "FREE" tables.

      There's nothing FREE in life. Well, besides my tender loving, baby, and even that'll cost you in soreness the next day. Just ask your mother. Hello Seattle Rex, We are very sorry for the advertisement bombardment you described here. That would certainly be enough for most people. If you are willing to do so, please send an email to our support staff here: Thank you very much for your support. App Store Preview.

      This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Big Buck Hunter bug fixes. New iPhone device support. Big Buck Hunter and Whoa Nellie pinball tables added! Performance fix for Stern tables. Added IAPs for purchasing Stern tables individually.

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      Stern table bug fixes, cross-buy support fixes. WMS tables removed. Updated tables of the month! Master of Time crash fix, UI fixes. Special offers added.

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      UI fixes, updated menus, iPhoneX updates. New Table: Fixed a bug causing crashes on some devices. New EM tables: Leaderboards fix. New pinball table: UI bug fixes. World Champion Soccer. If you own Season 1 Pro or Season 1 Pro upgrade, the Pro versions will be available at no extra cost! Feb 18, Version 8. Information Seller FarSight Studios. Size MB. Category Games.