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Escape Game: Hospital: Walkthrough

Only few levels are a bit challenging where the rest are consider easy […]. Escape game is one of my favorite game because it is challenging.

It has been sometime that I did not play escape game as I am focusing on fieldrunner and the curse games. Diamond penthouse escape 2 is a simply direct hints given escape game.

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Factory96 is an addictive and interesting escape games, you hardly stop once you start playing. All you need to do is to discover the hidden 3 digit code in each level. Drop me a comment or you are welcome to share the solutions. Factory96 Walkthrough Factory 96 Walkthrough […]. This is a tricky and full of challenges escape game, most of the hints are not given to you directly where it will kill a lot of your brain cells in order to solve the hints.

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You will have great satisfactory once you have break the game, so wish you all the best and enjoy […]. The fun part of this games is you have to use different tools and combines with other items, it will come out a new items. And it […]. Stalker 2 Room Review Excellent game.

Escape The Rooms:Hospital Horror Escape Games App Overview

Hospital game. Need help?

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Escape The Rooms: Hospital Horror Escape Games Answers for iPhone - iPad

Gameplays Videos Find Escape Game Hospital videos and gameplays, including some cheats that will help you get a super high score! Wake up in a familiar room and watch everything around, both familiar and unfamiliar, it is at school! Out of the window from time to time to see a shadow in the peep of their own When you are ready to leave, find the door is locked What happened to the end You are kind of bad premonition, feeling dangerous is approaching!

You must leave this room quickly. Nice hard one.

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Fun game but the foreign language makes it extremely difficult. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.