Samsung galaxy s ii battery temperature warning

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S2 Battery Temperature Warning - Won't Boot - GRRRRR!!!

Thanks Meter: Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Join Date: Jul I have the same problem, started with me recently, I had my phone with USB debugging mode on. Can't confirm when it started for sure, but it may have been because I disconnected it from my computer once, before ejecting the device through windows explorer. In any case, I can't turn on the phone now without removing the battery or having it plugged in.

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It's become very flaky, and I don't like it. Did you have any luck with Samsung support? Apr Anyone have any information on this or another link to how to fix this?

S8 Phone battery temp to low error - Samsung Galaxy S8 - iFixit

I'm getting the temperature gauge and can't figure out how to fix it!! Jun Aug Nov My Devices: Mar Jan My friend got this problem.. Sep Yeah - get a replacement. Senior Member. Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in Ben benjamen To fix this problem, the tablet would need to be opened off, starting from the back cover, removing the charging port daughterboard assembly and cleaning the corrosion if there is on the charging port behind or the charging port would need to be replaced as a whole if it's physically damaged or no signs of liquid damage.

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If this does not end up fixing it, it is a board level which I would estimate not being worth to fix as it would get very expensive with a low chance of fixing it. Galaxy Tab 4 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 January 10 by Asimo Hellen. Is it the same tablet?

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It can be caused by a damaged charging port ribbon cable so you might want to try another charging cable. It can also be caused by liquid damage on the logic board, that'll require circuit troubleshooting and micro-soldering to fix that. January 10 by Ben. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Do you know where the problem might be? Do you know where the battery temperature sensor is located? Do you know if the battery temperature can be overwritten in order to allow the charging? Thank you in advance!